Welcome to Help Article!

Welcome to Help Article!

By Jeff Kreitner

Help Article is a suite of support tools built to solve our itch. A knowledge base with widget to help explain complex ideas without leaving the page, help onboarding clients, providing targeted release notes and more.

All the tools we provide are solving a problem we have encountered. Although you can services to provide all these different aspects we wanted one location to manage it all. To do that, we built Help Article.


Articles are our knowledge base. You can organize them with different categories, mark them available on your standalone site or even just the widgets.

Release Notes

something about release notes


We provide several widgets to help give your customers a good in app experience. Help Article tries to give you alot of flexibility on how the widgets interact with your page.

Simple Embed Widget

Our simple embed widget provides a little frame in the corner of your site. From here if they click the widget it will expand with your knowledge base available to them. This widget is the simplest to integrate with and only requires 1 line of code added to your site.

Full Embed Widget

Our full embed widget is great if you want to provide a full knowledge base right inside your application. Adding this widget your customers can click a link and go to your own help page and display your knowledge base right inside the page.

Fragment Widget

Tooltips are great. However if you find a spelling mistake you have to get an engineer to deploy your code all over again after it's been fixed. Some ideas are also a bit cumbersome to put in a tooltip but where can you put it? With our fragment widget, your users can click on a help icon and load the appropriate article for that item. No more deploys to change the text. Let your customer service or marketing teams simplify the verbiage on their own.

Full Page Widget

There are some pages that require an entire article by themselves. With the full page widget, we will detect if an article is available for the current page and show an indicator for you to click on and view the article. Your customesr never leave the page so those partially filled out forms stay intact.


While we don't have a full ticketing system yet, we do have a contact form your customers can fill out to communicate with you. This form is available on your standalone site, the full embed widget as well as the simple embed widget.

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